where did he go?

it's that time of year. i've been cleaning out james' closet to make room for his new spring clothes. i get so jealous of his wardrobe every season. i wish i could get a new seasonal wardrobe too. anyway, i had a hard time packing away his clothes. it always amazes me how emotional i get when this process starts. he is getting so big and his clothes look so small.

then i saw this picture...

doesn't he look BIG?!!?!

i know!! where did my little baby go?

please don't mind the nightstand. you can tell i'm a mom - i am prepared with a humidifier, milk and wipes.  sometimes i don't post pictures bc i seem to always have these and other random "mom" items on our night stands. i still don't like the way it looks as the background of this picture but please just squint and try not to notice. only notice that big, handsome baby that is front and center. thank you.

this is my baby less than a week old. he was just a little shy of nine pounds here but he just looks so small.

where did this guy go?!?? i swear i remember these pictures like it was yesterday.

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  1. Oh my! He looks like such a big boy in that pic! It's kind of sad how fast they grow!!!

    I tagged you in a survey on my blog!