three things.

1. i made it home sore safe from austin. i am healthy and amazingly did not even get a blister. it was hard. i'm glad i'm home.

2. i finished. i ran across the finish line. i got my medal.

3. james was asleep by the time i got home. i set up my iphone with facetime and my computer with skype but didn't get the chance to talk with james. i missed him so much. yesterday on his daily report, mr. h told me it said he was extra snugly and they thought it was cute. in my mind, he missed his mama and i would be there to give him all the snuggles he could stand. i couldn't wait to get home to him and my hubby. mr. h knew i couldn't wait so didn't give him a bath or start the bedtime routine so that i could see him awake but when i got home this is the image i came home to.

my heart shattered.

i picked him up and he barely opened his eyes, saw me, gave me a big hug and went back to sleep. that was the best hug i've ever had. well, not really but it ranks up there. definite top 10 hug.

and well, this picture isn't from last night. this is the picture i took on james' first play date. yep, he slept threw it. it was so embarrassing! but this is exactly how he looked last night. minus the red chair. he was in his blue toy story chair but still had on his shoes and all. i cannot wait to snuggle him tonight! i still miss him so much.

i am exhausted and will blog about the run tomorrow and the next couple of days. but i just want to say thank you to all who have supported me and have given me encouragement through the whole training process. i cannot express my gratitude enough. i truly love each and every one of you.

i could not have gotten this heavy medal without you.


** i know i usually blog about james but my next several posts will be about austin and the run. i like to read and blog about james but i want to document my experiences too. i want to have them for memories and i want to attempt to share how i feel to those who care. so, bare with me - i have fun pictures and videos heading your way. thank you. **

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