february 14th.

valentine's days are celebrated at our house but not necessarily in the most romantic fashion. the hubs and i like it that way. our first valentine's day mr. h got me a camelbak and i got him the bamboo longboard he'd been drooling over. no, i would not have purchased myself a water pack but i love it. it's perfect when biking and hiking and i've used is occasionally while running. mr. h used to ride his board all the time but it's been taking a break since james was born. it will come back out. i know it will.
anyway, this year was no different - except for james future bride was born! we are so excited. she is so precious and perfect. so, directly after work we took the two to meet. well, not really. in all honesty, i just wanted to snuggle the little baby. love. it almost makes me want to have another. for now, i'll go and snuggle my friends' little ones and get my baby fill until i'm ready.
before the special delivery, we had talked about doing dinner but knew that all the restaurants would be packed and we don't like to wait. some may call it impatient, we just call it hungry. so, we knew we wouldn't fight the valentine's day crowd but talked about taking our little valentine out to do something he would enjoy. there are only a couple of local places designed to entertain little kids so our options were limited.

yep, we spent our valentine's meal out at incredible pizza. james had so much fun and we got to spend some quality family time. can't get much better than that, right? well, except for the hubs got me a keurig! yes, the little coffee maker i've been dreaming of is all mine. i'm so excited! i was too exhausted last night to set it up but i am making it an official counter decoration tonight. he is so sweet. he knows me very well.

as for james, this is what i got him:

yep, some good ol' cheesy poofs and new colors.

he'll love them both.

for not having set valentine's day plans, i think it turned out pretty good. no wait, it was perfect.

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