faux hawk.

the urban dictionary defines a faux hawk as a full head of hair combed into the middle to fabricate the look of a mohawk

now, i love me some baby boy faux hawks.  i always thought that i would be trendy and give james a baby faux hawk.  that is, well...until every little boy had one.  that and the fact that james didn't have very much hair. so as soon as i could, i did the comb over and fell in love. 

it's just so sweet.

but lately after bath, daddy likes to give james a new style.  a new personality.  it makes me laugh.

just chillaxin' with his faux hawk.  blues clues is on tv.  he really likes blue.
pretty cute, huh?

on another note, there is way too much brown in this picture.  i'm going to be sure to include some color in the next photos.  you don't understand - i cannot leave pretty pillows and blankets out.  waylon, my hefty basset hound loves something to snuggle into a night.  he'll get them down when i put them up.  he'll find a way to sleep on them at night.  he knows i cannot protect them during the dark hours and he turns into the pillow bandit.  and i tried to flip the picture to black and white to avoid all the brown-ness but then you could barely see james' rockin' hair.  so, you'll have to live with the brown.  i apologize.  rock on.

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