route 66...in pictures

unfortunately, i didn't get any "before" pictures.  i was too busy trying to prepare and get out the door.

so, here we are at mile 6.  still smiling.  this was the first pit crew stop.
tera:  there you are!!!
me:  telling larry "there's my boys!!!" 
 i got to see this guy!  doesn't he look like he's having a blast??

twinkies.  we got some goodies for our packs and were set to climb the cincinnati hill.

see you in 7 or so miles!!!

 we're past the half way point and rounding mile 14.
tera is smiling.  i'm looking a little winded.
how rad is that sign?  definitely the motivation i needed!!

because the mile 15 turn onto riverside was a doosie.  the following pictures were at the 19 mile marker.  these are after fighting the brutal winds for four miles. 

i'm being blown away...haha.  i'm pretty funny for just running 19 miles, right?

surprise!  do you see my mom?  hi mom!!!
 your medal is waiting.  you're right.  it is waiting so we must go. 
 bye.  love you.  see you soon...

 oh wait!  is that them?  they aren't supposed to be here!  what a surprise!!
tera's face is priceless.  she is funny after 20 miles.  that is just funny.

but we must push on.  we'll see you soon.

mile 22.
and yes, those are smiles.  who isn't happy after running 22 miles??

home stretch....26.2 miles.
5 hours and 14 minutes later, we crossed the finish line.

muah!  i made it.  and i'll make it again.  only faster. 

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  1. Congrats! What an amazing accomplishment! And the James smooch moment was the PERFECT ending!

    Ohh btw...almost teared up at the "Go Mom Go" sign with James giving you a thumbs up. You will remember that all your life!