so, since our first time to be bitten, well james' first time to be bitten, i thought it had slowed down.  until last night.  we had one bitten report and one biting report.  yep, he bit first and then someone bit him back.  i don't think this was in retaliation but more of a coincidence that it happened in the same day.  in fact, i don't even know if the child he bit (for apparently trying to cut in front of him and push him off the stairs to the slide) was the child that got him this time.  man - this child got him good.

really?  do you see it??

yep, right between the eyes.  that crescent-shaped, red spot was the attack today.  these kids are creative in their attack too.  last week we got a bitten report where someone had pulled a "tyson" and bit him on the ear.  his ear was safe and sound and did not reveal any trace of the bite after school though.  the action given was TLC.  but no, not yesterday.  james' ouchie was washed off and iced.  hummm.  sad to say but it looks even worse today.  it's now raised and bruised.  i really just wish that james' forehead would stop being a prime target for boo-boos.  seriously, it isn't that big but yet it's a boo-boo bullseye.

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