father's day.

this year was mr. h's first father's day so i wanted to get him something special.  something sentimental.  this is hard.  i can buy gift for my hubs with no problems.  he likes anything that has to do with the great outdoors.  our first valentine's day i got him a bamboo longboard and i got a camelbak.  i know some ladies would be disappointed but you know what?  i use that baby blue camelbak and it is a gift i probably wouldn't have purchased for myself so overall it was a successful commercial holiday.  for our anniversary i wanted a watch.  he wanted a patagonia coat.  of equal value.  done deal.  win win.  both happy.  well, back to my point - i didn't just want to get him some wicking boxers or an arc'teryx something just to fill the void and know that i'm a cool wife who got the hubs a cool gift.  my mother's day present was special and something i'll wear and remember forever.  i wanted a gift with equal sentimental value. 
mr. h loves to be outside.  we he has a garden out back and is always tinkering outside so my train of thought was in that department when bam! it hit me.  a garden stone.  a homemade garden stone to be exact.  i went to michael's and picked out the kit.  it came with cement, a cement mixer and colored glass.  i also purchased some stamp letters bc i know i would be unhappy with my own handwriting. 
i left it in my car so it would be a surprise.  i had envisioned this wonderful mommy son day making daddy's perfect present.  then reality set in and i needed a large bucket and time.  time with daddy away and time for it to dry.  in a secret location.  hummm.  probably not going to happen.  so, it became a family affair.  ben got opened the cards and box and we made it together.  it was so much fun.  i will admit that it was more fun with him involved than it would have been if i were doing it solo.
father's day was spent with family - as it should.  i woke up with james and took him to get daddy breakfast.  why? bc mr. h is the cook around our household and bc this will give him some peace and quiet while were gone.  we return food in hand to have a jolly morning and start the project.  mr. h mixed the concrete and poured it in the form.  i promptly came outside to supervise but it was hot (hot!) so i went back inside with james for a few minutes until i felt it was time to check the concrete again.  i spent way too much time smoothing down the top. i felt it needed to be perfect.  this will only prove to be a waste of time once we try to get james to stand on the wet concrete.  this is the part where i'm clearly insane for thinking i could do it on my own. my son is heavy.  daddy picked him up and held james above the wet concrete while i held his feet and tried to get him to leave a flat impression without kicking the entire mold over.  first attempt - fail.  second attempt - better than the first but still fail.  james stood on the mix but when we went pick him up he would flick his toes in the concrete messing up the footprint.  third attempt - both sweating.  both hot.  both laughing but still really hot.  james goes up, plants feet, mom gives the go to hoist him up and there those curious toes go again BUT we didn't care.  it was funny, hilarious actually, and the whole process made for an amazing memory that we still talk about to this day.  on frequent occasion. 

see the feet?  see the blobs?  see the smeared toe marks?  they are perfect.  they are priceless.

the perfect father's day memory garden stone now has a royal place on our dining room table. we brought it inside to show company and there it sits.  so, it is clean and shows no sign of dirt or wear and is now used as conversation piece.  hopefully mr. h will find the perfect place for it outside soon.  then i will take a picture of the finished product and james.  we intend to do this next year and the next year and for as many years as we see fit.  hopefully with the practice and time, we'll get to be better garden stone makers and james will be more cooperative while lending us his feet for the design.  happy father's day!  thank you for being so good to your little family.


  1. well, sadly, I can't shut the monitor off. She sleeps with a pretty loud fan in her room (has always even in our room since she was born)...to block out white noise and such. I really wouldnt be able to hear her. Also, the good news is, though--I don't hear every single tiny noise she makes since the fan blocks out a lot of that ;) But I have thought of all this, I'll be honest. PS: your kiddo is so cute!