vroom vroom...

james is ready to go drag boston place in his royal blue ride.  it is tricked out with 4 inch wheels and has two horses feet under the hood.

at first this speed racer was a bit intimidating.  james didn't know what to think.  it moves - and it moves fast.  it is also missing a seat belt so it is quite easy to topple off to the side.  he can handle the spills unless he bonks his head.  then game over.  but he'll just sit next to it and admire his new ride with a few proud slaps of endearment. 

we live in oklahoma so we've obviously taken in off road.  no, dad doesn't think it's near as cool but i think james likes it.  the speed racer moves at a much slower pace on the grass.  regardless i cannot believe that my baby boy is big enough for a big boy toy.  he'll be able to race around the house, run over the dogs and eventually walk behind it. 

what happened to this little guy?

this was right before his very first car ride.

before i know it he will be driving a real car.  tear.

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