remember the 10.

this past saturday OSU held their 4th annual rt10 run. on january 27, 2001 ten members of the OSU family perished in a plane crash on that snowy night colorado. this run was to honor them and celebrate their lives. they will live on forever in the hearts of the oklahoma state community.

on the schedule for the okc memorial half marathon, demoss and i noticed that the weekend before the run we were scheduled to run 6 easy (ha!) miles and that the rt10 was perfect. we could go run around our alma mater, support osu counseling services and get in our six miles. without hesitation demoss, haley and i signed up drove to stillwater.

man! it felt good to be home. it felt good to be back in stillwater. you can smell orange. you can feel a buzz. it is completely different from tulsa. it was cowboy. literally.

friday before the run had been spitting rain off and on. i couldn't decide if it were raining if we should actually run for fear of getting blisters the weekend before our half marathon. fortunately, it wasn't raining saturday morning UNTIL we pulled in the parking lot. then it just sprinkled on us throughout the 6 mile run but it was fun and i'm glad we got to participate in such a special event.

we're almost half way done here. demoss's wonderful father was our own paparazzi and followed us along the course. see those smiles? they are for pictures only. we don't look that happy 3 miles into a run. ever. i promise.

here we are after the finish line with our friends who chose to wake up, wear orange and get rained on. i would like to thank jennifer and lynsey for the encouragement in the final stretch of the run. it was such a wonderful surprise.

we met some friends, the oldies but goodies, for dinner friday night. we talked and laughed and had so much fun. unfortunately, james was not having near as much fun at grammie's while i was gone so haley and i ate and went home only to find an exhausted, passed out little man. poor kid made himself congested. i felt so bad for my mom. it is truly heartbreaking to see james' crying face and whimpering cries. luckily my the end of the weekend he was in good spirits, trusted her and was one happy little cowboy.

Proud and immortal, Bright shines your name;
Oklahoma State, We herald your fame.
Ever you'll find us-loyal and true.
To our Alma Mater, O...S...U.

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  1. i always miss stillwater...but seeing the pictures makes me REALLY miss it!

    good job on the run!