happy Easter everybunny!

yesterday was beautiful. spring is finally in the air. the grandparents spoiled us rotten with candy and Easter goodies. james got toys and i got chocolate so i think everybunny was happy in the hale household.

before dinner time james and i were playing in the floor and he was so happy. squealing, giggling, rolling - the whole nine yards. so, i wanted to throw a polo on him and take some Easter snaps. all was good until we went outside when the smiles stopped and this new face emerged.

what? you can't really see it. let me zoom in...
i think he's concentrating.
we're not really sure but we've noticed this is a new, reoccurring face. it's so serious that mr. hale and i can only laugh. if only he could tell us what is really on his mind.
then "we" discovered leaves. the remaining crunchy leaves leftover from fall. i've never eaten one but i think someone gave them a pretty good review.
leaves were not intended to be on the Easter menu but hey, he was hungry. can't you tell?!?

happy Easter!!!


  1. LOVE the new face! That made me laugh. He's too precious!