raising hale

another month has passed and my baby boy is still growing like a weed.

1 month - 12 pounds & 7 ounces
2 months - 16 pounds & 1 ounce
3 months - 18 pounds & 14 ounces
james has gained almost three pounds. he's happy and healthy. he's starting to giggle and loves to talk and smile. "very talkative" is now almost a daily description from daycare.
am i the only one who noticed the size of his head and cheeks?!! i'm pretty sure last month i thought his cheeks were most plush and pinch-able but now they are even more so.

this photo shoot did not last very long. i got him dressed, propped him up and only took a few snaps before i heard it. yes, i heard it. a sound like nothing else but i can recognize it instantly. a blow out. my fingers were crossed that it wasn't as bad as i thought. i took a few more snaps on my way to turn him around to assess the damage. ruined. the onsie was ruined and the 3 month photo session quickly became bath time.

cutie pa-toot-ie.


  1. He's so handsome!

  2. I love this! What a great idea. I've not ever seen this before.

    You have a beautiful family! What a blessing. Enjoy!! I have 4 rugrats, they grow like weeds....